Saturday, May 30, 2015

Your Host Hits the Airwaves and Hamilton Hits Broadway

Rockin' the YWC t-shirt and
pocket Constitution from the
 National Constitution Center
Time for some fun.  We've been talking a lot lately about very serious topics that can cause tensions and emotions to run high, so let's kick back and enjoy a little good, clean entertainment.

I've mentioned before, in a blog on educational resources, a radio show called "Your Weekly Constitutional", which I listen to on podcast because it isn't aired in my area (and I can never be sure to be near a radio when it would be on, anyway).  A few months ago, I emailed the host, asking to be considered for a chance to be their Constitutional Quiz contestant and I was selected.  We recorded the quiz a while back and it was just aired this week.  You can hear how it went here:  (Episode  "Thomas Jefferson's Vision of Religious Freedom")

or here:

or go to iTunes and search for "Your Weekly Constitutional" and select the episode entitled "Thomas Jefferson's Vision of Religious Freedom".  Of course, you should listen to the entire episode, but if you want to go straight to the quiz, skip forward to the 14 minute mark and see if you can solve the riddle along with me!

One of the earliest blogs I wrote was on Alexander Hamilton and at the end, I linked to a video you can see here.  It's a performance by playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda at the White House, doing a hip-hop song about Hamilton.

Since then, Miranda has developed it into a full-up musical and it's been the hottest off-Broadway ticket this spring and moves onto Broadway soon.  You can see some highlights here:

The website for the show is:

How appropriate the one of the most New York-y founders is on Broadway!

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